This is my clean and wholesome blog. Social, techy, work, whatever – probably of interest to only a very, very small group of people - and possibly not even them. For my trenchant and sometimes funnier rantings you’ll need to search elsewhere…

First touched a computer in 1980 (Commodore PET), built extension cards for my ZX81. First used the Internet in 1986 sending email on a University VAX machine, (which, in those days, was a single machine shared by everyone on all the computing and engineering degree courses - you kids today…). Then a Senior Research Fellow in Human-Computer Interaction (before it became called “UX”) helping to develop the Poplog AI development environment, first installed a webserver in 1990, taught myself HTML and perl CGI scripting.

Since 1997 a professional software engineer specialising in network security, unix/linux backend polyglot software (10+ languages over my career), databases, storage, and all internet protocols. Now a Principal Engineer and consultant. In the past an informal interest in topology and the mathematics and behaviour of networks, more recently looking at Generative AI (isn’t everyone?…).

Been known to do a little Jive dancing.


Long, long ago; in the before-time

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